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1247 day ago

If want to keep your child active and having the most fun;  give them the best led copter on the market; gift them whistle copter no other led copter can compare to the Whistle copter  and Original Copter !


Fun Starts Here !!!

Whistle copter shop has the best LED Copter toys online for kids. Our team makes it easy for you to buy a gift for your child. You can also find the best LED copter and information on our website about toys,  from whistle copter. Original Copter our brand is everywhere in the United sates.

The LED light on our Led Copter is the brightest in the industry and looks like fireworks in the sky. Every child and adult loves shooting them 200 feet in the air and then see them turn and slowly descend so you can catch them in your hand and start again.  The unique adventure of our LED Copter can’t be replaced by any other night time toy so, give your children our flying high-quality toys. It will enhance their health by playing outside and learn about bonding and discover skills while bonding family relationships while having fun.  The major aim of our toys is to train and support kids all over the world to be creative.


There are many types of whistle copter toys and games your children can invent with them. If want to keep your child active while having the most fun; then give the gift of whistle copter or  Original copter the best led copter you can find.

A large number of games can be played with the Original copter, they are very durable and will not break like most copies do because they are made with high-quality materials. You can also shop online for our Whistle copter or Original Copter at whistlecopter.info. The more your child will play with them the better their physical health and co-ordination will be.

Original Copter can fly up to 250 feet in the air. It spins while its bright light in the sky look like fireworks at night. You can also learn how to make money while Having Fun! Our vendors that have never sold anything in their lives are now making hundreds of dollars while having fun just launching our Whistle Copter or Original Copter in the sky wherever people may get together. People are so amazed they stand in line to purchase these led copters.

The Whistle Copter and Original Copter are our only Authorized Brands. Original Copter flies higher and last longer than all other LED Copters. We were the first to have multiple wing designs and super glow wings and have now perfected our Viper launcher so our clients can have the best flights with our Whistle Copter and Original copter. Our Led Copters have the brightest light and strongest red rubber bands. The wings are very special and much stronger than other flying copters that are copies of Original Copter. The wings will never break. If folded along the lines on the wings the fold will stay there and the wings will not flap in the air like copies do.


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