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Benefits of Playing Outside

Benefits of Playing Outside

2797 day ago

Most of the parents today have enjoyed their younger days riding their bicycles, running around, and playing various games such as baseball or dodge ball. however, if you compare the children before and today, you will notice that kids today spend most of their time indoors playing with their smart phones, playing games on their tablets or watching television instead of getting physically active.

Based on numerous studies, professionals have stated that a lot of unstructured outdoor play is important to your child’s health since a lot of children have experienced a decline in health because of a lack of play and exercise outdoors. Listed below are some important benefits of playing outside that you will surely want your kids to engage in to keep them healthy:


photo courtesy of vishwagujarat.com

photo courtesy of vishwagujarat.com


  • Physical Fitness

Studies show that the rates of childhood obesity have increased greatly from the years 1980 to 2010. They have also learned that one of the best ways to fight obesity is to let children engage in a lot of outdoor playtime. Outdoor play provides your kids the opportunity to move around, to run, climb, jump, dance, swim, and a whole lot more which can provide them with aerobic exercise, strength training, and cardio. Outdoor physical activities can also help strengthen your children’s immune system while simultaneously boosting and improving their levels of Vitamin D.

Proper amounts of this specific type of vitamin provide adequate protection from osteoporosis and various health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease; plus, according to The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, it is highly recommended that kids get average to vigorous activities that last about an hour a day.


photo courtesy of goodhealth.com.au

photo courtesy of goodhealth.com.au


  • Boosts One’s Confidence


When your kids choose toys, make sure that the toys you get for them require balance and coordination. Choose toys like scooters, skates, and bikes since these teach kids a variety of skills while also encouraging them to develop their self-confidence in the process.

You can also select sports equipment that has a tracking feature from beginner to advanced; this is to get your children to master skills right at their own time and pace. The beginner mode will give them that additional boost of confidence that is necessary when they are learning a new skill. Furthermore, as kids develop and progress to the higher level, they can freely practice their new skills and confidently try out exciting activities and challenges once they are ready.


photo courtesy of activeforlife.com

photo courtesy of activeforlife.com


  • It Boosts Mental Health


It may be hard to believe that kids also experience stress, and sometimes, they can even suffer from various conditions such as anxiety or depression. However, these concerns are becoming more common for today’s kids who are faced with busy schedules that range from extracurricular and school activities. Playing outdoors and engaging in various physical activities can help kids drop their levels of stress since their contact with nature can also help and relax these kids while at the same time, impacts various concerns like ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and anxiety.




  • Outdoor Play Reduces Stress


Spending at least an hour outdoors is one great way to reduce stress. Being  outdoors is relaxing and comforting compared to staying inside the whole day. It has also been said that seeing a lot of green can help relax and decrease the levels of stress for anyone, which is probably why taking a short walk outdoors is one great way to relieve stress.

Some of the best outdoor toys your kids can play with are those from Whistlecopter since their toys help improve your kids’ hand and eye coordination. Not only that, but Whistlecopter toys also help in the development of your child’s mental and social skills so let them enjoy playing with the Viper Launcher and Whistlcopter, Star War Laser Sword, LED Skateboard and a whole lot more.


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