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Unique and Creative Ideas to Celebrate New Year’s Eve at Home

3081 day ago

You don’t need to go out and party during New Year’s Eve because celebrating at home can also be a fun thing. Plan a fantastic and enjoyable New Year countdown with your family and have a blast the whole time! Here are some great ideas on how you, your family, and even friends can enjoy the incoming year by celebrating in the comfort of your home.


  • Board Games and more!

While occasionally letting your eyes shift on the clock, spend some time playing a variety of board games or even physical games while waiting for the clock to strike 12. Set up a fun board game night while enjoying delicious meals or snacks prepared by your family then add some cool prizes for the winners to make the game more interesting. Also, remember to have the games suited for all ages so everyone can play.

GameBoardsphoto courtesy of www.lifehacker.com.au


  • When the clock strikes 12

When the countdown ends and the New Year has finally come, enjoy a bubbly bottle of champagne to share with everyone in the family after midnight. Of course, the children can join too, with all the non-alcoholic alternatives such as sparkling drinks and more.

clock strikes 12photo courtesy of www.pinterest.com


  • Make some noise!

While you’re drumming on your bongo drums, waving around your lighting sparklers then yelling ‘Happy New Year” as loud as you can,can be a fun way to greet the New Year with your whole family. You can even toot your car horn while the others dance and cheer in the yard while playing some good music as well. While dancing and having fun in the yard, you and your family can light up your Whistle copter toys all together to fill the whole place with fun lights. Also, you can bubble up the place using the Original Copter Clown Fish Bubble Gun to make your New Year with the family, colorful and bright with its LED lights.



Make things more fun by inviting more people – more of your friends, your neighbors, and have them over for dinner or games. Then enjoy a nice relaxing conversation with desserts once the New Year has officially entered.

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