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Original Original Copter Toys versus Original Copter Copies

3106 day ago

It’s easy to distinguish the original Original Copter toys since these are highly durable, finely made, and very special if you compare these to other copters that are trying so hard to copy our Original Copter . Unlike the copies, the Original Copter are made of very hard and long-lasting plastic that can withstand rigorous game play, especially when playing with the Original Copter outdoors.

For the whistle copter, its wings are folded to the correct position and these will stay in place while holding their crease. Furthermore, the wings will never flap even if the wind gets a little stronger than usual; a common thing that happens with the copies’ wings. Since the copies of our Original Copter don’t have sturdy wings made of high-quality plastic, their copter’s flight is short lived and can never reach the height that the original Original Copter can reach, which is 200 feet from the ground. Also, the copies of the Original Copter toys will not be able to hover at the maximum height before it descends.


If you want to make sure that you’re purchasing the original and quality made Original Copter toys without wasting money on copies, you should always purchase the Original Copter toys only from the official website to ensure that the toys you are buying are the original, genuine, quality-made and durable to last longer than the fakes.

The LED lights of the Original Copter are the brightest compared to other copter toys, and because of this, the lights make the Original Copter look like fireworks high in the sky! The reason for this is because the people behind Original Copter toys never use used or old batteries just like what the copies do; once you buy the fake copters, you won’t be able to achieve the boomerang effect or the toy flying back to you once you shoot it into the air. There is no other copter that can live up to the Original Copter so as the saying goes, you really get what you pay for!


• Here are the features of the Original Copter toys:
– Low price
– The toy is made of high-quality and very durable plastic
– Parts are replaceable just like the batteries – all still sold at a low price
– The Original Copter can reach up to 200 feet
– Is easy to operate


• And here are the characteristics of the Original Copter imitations:
– The toy is made of low grade and non-durable materials
– Copies break easily and cannot last for long periods
– It cannot reach the height of 200 feet unlike the Original Copter
– Almost all of the copies use old and used batteries

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