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How to Get your Child Up and Ready for the Day

329 day ago

As parents, you already know that mornings are the most difficult times of the day for most of you. You will need to get your children out of bed, make their breakfast, dress them , and ensure that they are completely ready before leaving the house for school. Getting your child out of bed can be a disaster. The best way to make parenting less stressful is to find a solution to the problem; although it is easier said than done, below are some ways that will make everything go smoother and easier for you.




Here are some ways to help make things easier when it comes to getting your children up and getting them ready for the day:


Ensure that they get Enough Sleep  


Before you even attempt to create a morning routine for your children, first address the problem that causes all the difficulties in the morning which is usually the amount of sleep that they get. This may be obvious, and you may have heard of this before, but getting adequate amounts of sleep is highly essential especially for children. Keep in mind that if you must wake your children every morning or if they need an alarm clock to wake up, this simply means that they are not getting enough sleep. In fact, each hour of sleep less than what they need sets their brain function a year back; this means that they act a year younger for every hour of sleep they miss. If you see that waking your child takes a lot of effort, start bedtime earlier. When children have enough sleep, they will be able to wake up on their own because they have enough rest.



Make all Preparations the Preceding Night


Everything they need tomorrow – bags, packed lunch, clothes, breakfast, and other things involved in their morning routine – must be ready so you and your children can smoothly work on the morning routine. Involve your children in making decisions too, such as choosing which clothes to wear and what breakfast to eat. After this evening routine, you can spend time together as a family to play with the Whistlecopter toys and have fun before bedtime.




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Relax and Snuggle with Your Children When They Wake Up


This may seem difficult because everyone in the family is always hurrying and preparing for the day, but this is why preparing at night is one of the tips to solve this kind of problem. When you have prepared everything the previous night, you can have some time to connect with your child before you begin your day. This makes your children feel that they are loved, plus it will also motivate them to cooperate with you; it is also one of the effective ways to prevent your children from complaining, whining, and disobeying.




Help your Children Adjust to Routines


If you want a great start each day with your children, you will need to help them with their routines with enthusiasm and not just command them to do tasks. Keep in mind that what’s important for children is their parent’s presence since this is also their motivation; so, remember to be there for them as they practice their routines.



Keep the Routines Simple


Children can easily get confused, so make mornings as predictable as possible for them. Follow the same schedule each day, and make mornings very simple when they wake up, brush teeth, wash face, eat breakfast, get dressed, and leave for school. However, the schedule you make will not always work for them. Sometimes it may work for one child and not for the other. For instance, your child may not be ready to eat breakfast the moment they wake up so just adjust the schedule for him or her. This will be a peaceful way for them to get ready for the day.



For evening routines, make a schedule that is easy to remember for children; you can start with dinner, clean up, wash the dishes, prepare for tomorrow, playtime, brush teeth, get into pajamas, and then bedtime. Be sure that you get to spend time with your children during playtime and play with the Whistlecopter toys to make things more fun and exciting. Spending time with your children is also the best reward you can give when they start remembering their routine and learn how to do things on their own. Whistlecopter offers some of the coolest toys such as the LED Copter, and the Rocket Copter; these are also safe and durable and all of these will bring the most  fun to everyone and help your family bond. With these amazing toys, your family will have the most enjoyable and memorable outdoor playtime every night.


Getting your child up and out of the bed is one of the most difficult things you may have to face as a parent, and it may take some time and patience before this problem can be solved. According to Franklin P. Jones, “You can learn a lot of things from children, such as the amount of patience you have.”

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