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How To Best Help Children with Self-Care Routines

824 day ago

Teaching self-care routines is highly beneficial not only for your little ones, but also for you. It makes your children more independent, it saves your time since they can start doing some things on their own. Aside from that, it makes them feel more confident about themselves and that means you’ve done something great as a parent.

Setting the Table

Just like academics, self-care is important for your little ones. When they learn to identify their physical needs and attend to these on their own, it means that they have achieved something huge. However, there are some instances when parents are the ones standing in their children’s  way towards this goal. Parents are often in a hurry or too worried that their little ones might do it wrong, so instead of teaching their children how to do these self-care tasks, they do it themselves instead.

Collection of Tops

Self-care skills are everyday tasks that we do so that we may be ready to face bigger things throughout the day. These include eating, dressing, cleaning up, and grooming oneself. These tasks are usually referred to as ADL’s activities of daily life. Although children are supported by adults when doing these, they are expected to eventually develop independence.



Eating Independently

When self-care tasks become difficult, this also reduces the chances of having more life experiences. It can be difficult for them to go for a sleepover with friends and engage in excursions since they may experience bullying. This results in missing out on social experiences.


Here’s how you can teach children self-care routines:





Little Boy Enjoying his Meal

Helping with Daily Chores


When it comes to picking up toys or setting the table, encourage your children to help at a young age. For the toddlers, give them small responsibilities such as placing napkins and utensils on the table. When they grow old enough, assign them carrying dishes without dropping them, and of course, still with your assistance. When your little ones are involved in household chores as they get older, they tend to be more independent in early adulthood.


Having Outdoor Fun with Friends






Provide Minimal Help

Instead of doing a task for your children, do it with them. This can be tricky for each child since their mood and the way they act towards responsibilities also change. For instance, a child may be able to wear his own shoes but may require some help when removing them. Find out what’s giving your child a hard time and assist them until they get used to it.





Dressing and Grooming Independently


When dressing and grooming, encourage your little ones to do these on their own, but be there to assist them when needed. You can begin teaching this self-care routine as soon as they become toddlers. Start by encouraging them to pull their socks off, pull their pants up, and help them put their arms through the sleeves of their shirts. When they get older, let them dress themselves but give them the challenge of zipping and unbuttoning their own clothes.



Whislecopter Original Copter



Enjoy Outdoors and Play

Besides learning how to do the routines that were previously mentioned, spending some time outdoors is another self-care task that your children should know. When they’re stressed, they should know when to take a break to calm themselves. After doing their homework, invite them to the park for a walk and enjoy nature.


Aside from going to the park, you and your little ones can take a hike, go biking, or play and enjoy each other’s company right in your backyard. Just take a couple of minutes to lie on the grass and look at the sky; ask what your children see and maybe have them describe the clouds as well.


If you want to get more adventurous, why not go camping or build a fire to delight in the beauty and charms of nature. These simple experiences are great ways for you and your children to connect; also, studies claim that taking your little ones on vacations give the whole family a meaningful experience which builds a long-term connection and happiness for all.



Feeding Oneself


Another great way to instil independence in your children is to teach them how to eat on their own. Start by giving finger food to your little ones then introduce the use of spoons and forks to them. Keep in mind that there are developmental stages when it comes to feeding / eating on their own, so be patient and give your children the time to practice using these utensils.







Have Fun and Play with Original Copter!


There is a lot of pressure on your tweens when it comes to buckling down and getting serious. When your ten-year-old plays sports, don’t remove all the fun and enjoyment he or she has by pressuring them to perform. We can’t deny that success is important and you want your children to be successful too; however, play is just as important, so for now, prioritize play.


Let your little ones take breaks from activities such as homework and let them go to the playground to enjoy. Let them enjoy running freely and moving their bodies in a fun and unstructured way. There’s a lot of benefit from playing, and this goes for both your children and the family.


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