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Things to do to make your Kids Feel Loved

3018 day ago

As a kid, there surely were some specific things that always made you feel loved – maybe it was when your parents drove you to the park and played with you there, spending holidays with the whole family, or simply watching cartoons with you in the living room while having a few snacks that your kids love.

However, in this day and age, our lifestyles have changed drastically and we are often faced with a full load of errands, appointments, work, social events, meetings and more; and because of these, it sometimes makes you feel like a few special gestures are necessary to let your children know that they are loved despite your hectic schedule. Yet surprisingly, you don’t really need to spend tons of money on expensive toys or random luxury trips just to show that you love your children and that they’re special.

If you think that you’re not really doing what you should in giving them enough attention, here are a few tips that you can easily do to make your little ones feel all the love from you:


  • Turn that Phone Off

Once you get home from work, or your children return from school, set your smartphone aside and give your kids all the attention that they need for a couple of hours or so. They will really like this idea since they know that you won’t be distracted by random messages or calls, plus they have all your attention so they can share with you what happened at school for that day.

Parents-with-baby-and-mother-with-cell-phone-89791804photo courtesy of www.homeguardians.net


  • Have Some Morning Time

Instead of rushing and getting impatient in the morning, give your kids a tight hug even just for a few minutes once they wake from slumber. Spend some time with them at breakfast and ask them what they’re looking forward to for the day; not only are you getting an idea of how they’re doing at school, but you’re also spending quality time with them which is exactly what they want.

13photo courtesy of www.truemomconfessions.com


  • Spend More Quality Time with Them

It’s one of the greatest things for kids if both their parents are able to stay and spend quality time with them; it becomes great since they feel special and more loved in the process.

During these moments, you can enjoy time with them by playing outdoor sports, games, and even just spending some time having a picnic with them, or you can play with your kids and have some fun with their Original Copter toys. This will not only strengthen your bond with each other but you will also be able to show your kids that you love and cherish them and they will surely remember these days as they grow.



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