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Teaching Kids Patience &Keeping Them Calm with Original Copter Toys

3022 day ago

How do you teach your kids to be patient? Simple – practice patience; although it does sound extremely simple, you know that this kind of task is definitely easier said than done.

In general, there are some adults, and children too, who have more levels of patience compared to others; and while they can easily brush off stressful situations and long waits just like it’s nothing, there are some who have a hard time dealing with the same situation as the previous. Often, there are certain individuals who require more practice when it comes to gaining patience, and when it comes to kids, they too have their own set of temperaments and some of them are naturally more patient than others.

However, whether your kids are more patient than others or not, you know that most kids never really enjoy waiting – such as in groceries where a long line has accumulated, slow and ‘boring’ dinners at luxurious and fancy restaurants, or sitting in heavy traffic. You will easily notice their impatience growing when they start rushing, nagging, and use their childish sarcasm on you, but this must be avoided and taught that such actions aren’t necessary.

With that said, here are three easy ways to teach your kids patience while also keeping them calm:


  1. Have them Engage in Activities Requiring Patience

The downside of most toys nowadays, especially the battery-operated ones, is that kids are overly-exposed to instant satisfaction and enjoyment. Life isn’t always as easy, so choose activities that will require them adequate time and patience. Activities such as paper mosaic, planting, and even pottery can help your kids. In these activities, your kids will require patience and time so the task will be fulfilled then achieved eventually.

OpenStudio2photo courtesy of www.muralmusicarts.org


  1. Make Use of Timers

You need to educate your kids about delayed fulfillment, so the next time they request for something while you are busy with work or house chores, tell them to set a time for a minute or two then you will go to them once the timer rings. Usually, these kids will have already solved their concerns by the time you reach them, and if not, they will learn that waiting has its own advantages after all.

Timers are also great for teaching your kids how to share; invite your kids’ friends over and let them play with the Original Copter LED Skateboard. Have them take turns using the toy and you can use those classic sand timers to time them. This will allow your kids to visualize time passing while displaying an attractive view while at it.


  1. Give Kudos

When you kids behave properly in situations where they are required to wait patiently, praise them and tell them what a good job they’ve done by being patient. Those simple words will definitely make them happy, and since praises do motivate children more, it is more likely they will repeat this the next time.

kudosphoto courtesy of wifibaby.net

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