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Three Hundred VENDOR STARTER Pack ORIGINAL COPTERS $275.00 with Exclusive VIPER LAUNCHER Seven inch Red Rubber Band !

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Product Description

This is the Vendor starter Pack of 300 Original Copters in various colors for $275.00. Each individually packed Original Copter contains our exclusive Viper LAUNCHER with 7 inch red rubber band.Each Originalcopter with our NEW SUPER GLOW WINGS !!! Each Original Copter is Individually packaged with instruction card, seven inch red rubber band, and batteries ready for a great flight, each individually packaged Original Copter is then put in a 3 pack. Also only Original Copter has differently designed wings in each 3 pack for a new experience each time you launch a new copter. Add extra battery packs for the amazing price of fifty cents per battery pack. Buy the Maxi Slingshot with our eight inch rubber band for the real Original Copter enthusiast.The Maxi Slingshot Launcher produces higher flights while keeping your fingers from getting fatigued. If you or your loved ones fours years old to adult would like to light up the night like fireworks in the sky then Original Copter is for you. Buy them for your own use or call 305-785-4048 if you would like to become a vendor!! We do not have vendor wholesale prices on our site.

We are the Original Copter so our wings are very special compared to other micro flying copters that are just copies of ours. Our wings are made from very durable plastic and hardly ever break. They also once folded to the correct position hold their crease. They will never flap in the wind as all copies do. Without sturdy wings made out of very durable plastic your copter ride is short lived and you will never attain the 250 foot height that Original Copter does. If you buy a copy you will also not attain the boomerang affect when you shoot into the wind as our Original Copter does. When they come back to you in the wind the expert copter pilot can just catch the Original Copter in his hand as it spirals down to them. Our led light is the brightest so Original Copters are like fireworks in the sky.

Read the features below:

• Low price
• Easy to carry
• Easy to operate with the Viper sling shot system
• Brightest led light on any flying copter
• Can be reused
• Low prices on additional battery packs
• Attain instant height in microseconds
• Made with highest quality plastic

How it works:

Fold the wings, check our Professional Wing Folding Video on our home page Whistlecopter.info to attain highest flights. launch the Original Copter into the air with our exclusive Viper launcher, when it reaches the maximum height it will come back spinning in the air with its blades open so you can catch it. Read the instruction card in each package carefully before starting your first launch.

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