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Importance of Break Time at School and Work, and how to spend it

2967 day ago

There are times when we have too many tasks on our to-do list and taking a break is far from being part of it. Sometimes, we even want to skip breaks just so time will not be wasted and more things can be done.

There are dozens of alternatives when it comes to doing things but with how busy we are, we often neglect finding these ways and end up doing things like how we commonly do – without taking the necessary breaks our body needs.

Here we have made a list for you to discover the importance of breaks that will make you focused, more productive, and happier. These can also apply to kids so they can learn, as early as now, the real importance of taking breaks and how they can successfully manage their time.


Breaks Help One Focus

Taking breaks will not only help you become more focused on your task, but it will also prevent you from getting too bored with it. Based on tests and research, if you’re given lengthy tasks such as doing your taxes or studying for an exam, it’s better to give yourself brief breaks to avoid fatigue, stress, plus it will help you stay focused.

o-HAPPY-FAMILY-facebookphoto courtesy of www.lamchame.com

Our brain isn’t built for extended focus, and for it to work adequately, it needs a few moments of time-out to function effectively and efficiently.

It helps keep Information

The brain has two modes namely the one where we focus – whenever we do something new, when we’re writing or working – and the diffusing mode which is actually the relaxed and dreamy mode when we aren’t doing too many things. If you think that the mode where you focus more is the one that generates more productivity, the other plays its own vital role in retaining information and focusing too.

Based on studies, when our brains get into a relaxed mode, it is said that the activity in many regions of the brain increases even more when our minds are relaxed. 102284527-1photo courtesy of www.imgmob.net

It Aids in Re-evaluating your Goals

Breaks let us take some time to look if we are doing the right thing to reach our goals, and if we are aiming for the right things. When you work non-stop, it’s easy to lose your focus on your aims and goals.

So how do you de-stress and relax your mind during stressful moments at work or at school? You can enjoy your break time and go around and walk with your friends within the school grounds (if you are at school) and relax your mind to rejuvenate. Or if you prefer staying inside, you can doodle anything that comes to mind which can actually help stimulate new and great ideas that will help you stay focused. If you’re working at home and feel the need to de-stress and rest your mind, you can go out with your kids to the garden and play with their Original Copter toy which is a great way to relax and also teach your kids the importance and benefits of breaks.


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