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How to Make Your Child’s Brains Sharper

2844 day ago


Kids today get away from activities that stimulate their brains and their bodies due to video games, laptops, iPods, and other electronic devices, and this is something that gets more uncontrollable. There is nothing wrong with kids using these gadgets since we’re already in the digital age, but parents have to limit the use of these gadgets to encourage their kids to work with their brains and their bodies as well.

Here are a few tips that can help enhance your children’s brains to keep them agile and sharp:


  • Read, read, read

Knowledge is the best gift for any brain, and reading is one of the most effective ways to gain information and for them to learn a lot of new things. Other than story books, you can also give your kids different reading materials such as cookbooks, magazines, menus, movie schedules, newspapers, nutritional labels, travel itineraries and a lot more.

After they read something, test their understanding by asking them to share what they’ve read. Interacting with you children after they read something encourages them to think, plus, it also improves their social skills and creativity.


  • Let them Get Enough Zzz’s

Make sure that you let your kids get adequate amounts of sleep since it’s one of the most important things to keep their mind in tip top shape. Though experts haven’t really gotten enough research that links memory, learning, and sleep, a lot of scientists believe that getting a full night’s sleep is one of the most excellent things to do before studying or memorizing things. Plus, not getting enough sleep will leave your kids feeling sluggish and forgetful which will prevent them from enjoying a great day with family and friends.


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  • Keep the Kids Active

Kids who often play outside in parks, playgrounds, or backyards are already using their bodies and imaginations which help them make their brain function. Physical activity is said to stimulate mental activity so let your kids get out and break a sweat and let them play with the Whistlecopter toys. Not only are these toys extremely cool because of their beautiful LED lights that perfectly at night, they are also great for improving your kids’ hand and eye coordination, plus it also works their brains as well.



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