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How To Make Bath Time Fun for Children

489 day ago

Does your child hate bath time? When it comes to bath time, a lot of parents are facing this as a negative challenge; and if you are one of them, you are probably asking how you can solve this problem if your child really dislikes bath time. While some children may love and enjoy taking a bath, other children hate it. Usually, children do not like baths because they fear getting water or soap in their eyes, or they simply dislike the idea of having their hair washed. Most of the time, it takes just one bad experience in the tub for your little ones to dislike bath time. But whatever the reason is, if your child really hates bath time, it can be stressful for you and even your child.

Toddler's Hand

Fortunately, there are a lot of parent-tested solutions that you can try to help your little ones overcome their fear. So, with that, here are a couple of ways to restore order during baths while keeping your children calm and helping them enjoy their bathing moments.







Transition your Little One Slowly

Water Beads

Here is how you can transition your little one when it comes to bath time: First, start giving them a sponge bath in the sink for  a few weeks; after this, you can transition to having a sponge bath in an empty tub instead of doing this in the sink. After a couple of days, add minimal amounts of water into the tub and continue doing this until your little ones are comfortable staying in the water. After a few weeks, you will have successfully transitioned your child to the normal bath. Just remember to use warm water to avoid having them get sick.







Add Some Water Beads For Fun


Try adding a handful of water beads in the tub while your children are bathing. If you are not familiar with these, they are actually absorbent polymers that are commonly utilized for floral arrangements. You can easily find them in a lot of craft stores; however, it is very important to supervise your little ones when they play with the water beads whether they are in or out of the bath. Also, do not give these to the little ones who still put things in their mouths, even if you are there to supervise.


Bathing with Sibling





Get in the Water


If your little one is terrified of getting in the tub, help him or her get clean by taking a bath with them. Having your presence there to support them while in the tub will help make your little ones feel safer and more confident when it comes to bathing. Tell your child that being clean is very important  and that is why you are going to get clean with him or her. You can also have his or her sibling join in to help them bathe; they would surely enjoy playing while bathing together.



Bathroom Art Time




Turn Bath Time into Art Time


Allowing your children to draw on the walls with crayons during bath time can be a lot of fun; and not only that, but this can also help them forget about their worries and fears when it comes to bathing. What makes this idea great is the fact that you won’t have a difficult time cleaning up afterwards since you can easily wash or wipe the crayon marks off the walls. Aside from making cleaning up easier for you, incorporating art time during your children’s bath will also make them learn at the same time.

Magnetic Alphabets






Letter Fishing is Creative


Prepare magnetic ABC letters. You will need a fishing pole with a magnet tied to the end, and a colored bath water; keeping your little ones busy and focused on fishing for letters will make things easier as you get them cleaned up. Just ensure that your children do not put any of the letters in their mouths to prevent choking and other dangers.



Time & Schedule




Change the Bath Time Schedule


If bath time is set at a certain time of the day, try changing this; your child could be more responsive and comfortable on a different schedule. If bath time usually happens before bedtime, try changing this to a morning or afternoon splash.










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