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Young Boy & Gadgets

Limiting your Child’s Exposure to Gadgets

142 day ago

One thing we should worry about in this generation is the amount of time that children spend on their gadgets. Besides their obsession for their gadgets; children can experience adverse effects on their health which is another matter of concern. Children today use gadgets for studying, playing games, watching movies, Read more...

Enjoying the Outdoors

Outdoor Safety Tips for your Children

149 day ago

You probably remember just how amazing it was playing outdoors as a child: you had unhindered bliss and felt like there was an endless amount of time for exploring outdoors and enjoying your adventures. The thing is, you probably got yourself in a lot of trouble during those times too. Read more...

Raising the Flag

Remembering Independence Day with your Children

156 day ago

The 4th of July has become an excuse for a lot of Americans to feast on ribs, see fireworks displays, and decorate their surroundings with the nation’s colors. Celebrating Independence Day is extremely fun and there’s nothing wrong with doing so; however, it is necessary that you know why the Read more...

Happy Child

Ways to Develop Your Child’s Coping Skills

162 day ago

Problems are a normal occurrence in life so a lot of families face certain situations that, despite all the efforts, can’t be fixed. Developing good coping skills is one way to allow us to identify the actual solutions to our problems. This also helps us learn to accept the things Read more...

Child Playing Soccer

How to Nurture Ambition in Children

170 day ago

We cannot deny that parenting is a challenging task despite it being rewarding. It also does not matter if you are raising one child or many children since parenting will always be a learning opportunity. This is because it forces you to find ways to cope with each of your Read more...

Girl and Books

Tips on Developing Your Child’s Organizational Skills

176 day ago

Children today have a very busy schedule such as school tasks, extracurricular activities, and more. It’s good that they can keep an active lifestyle at a young age but tracking their schedule can be difficult especially if they lack management skills. This is why it is essential for parents and Read more...

Father's Day with Whistlecopter

Father’s Day Traditions Around the World

184 day ago

June is here, which means that only several days are left before Father’s Day. Fathers are very special people, so be sure to show them how important they are on the 17th day of the month. Father’s Day is a well-known American holiday that is celebrated annually on the third Read more...

Family Summer Fun

Having a Fun Summer with the Family

192 day ago

What activities do you and family enjoy during summer? A lot of families visit their relatives, go camping, or enroll children in special classes. Since most little ones won’t be attending school during their summer break, they may experience boredom. This will happen once the excitement that they are on Read more...

The American Flag

Patriotic Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day as a Family

200 day ago

Memorial Day is just a Week away and this means that summer is about to start. During this time, family and friends gather and celebrate with backyard picnics and barbecue. However, amidst all the fun, a lot of people tend to lose sight of the true meaning of Memorial Day Read more...

Parents and Child

Reconnecting with your Child after a Bad Day

205 day ago

There are some instances in life when we suddenly have regrets. This also happens with parenting. Even though we have the tools to calm our little ones, there are times when it feels impossible to do. However, fixing your relationship with your children after rough parenting moments must be done Read more...

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