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Fun Ways to Celebrate the Valentine’s Day with the Family

70 day ago

A lot of people usually associate Valentine’s Day with romantic love; but it’s actually love for everyone – your family, friends, and even your children. It’s a wonderful opportunity to spend time with your little ones. You can teach them the importance of love and care for others then celebrate by Read more...

Children's Camping Fun

Camping Tips for a Fun & Enjoyable Adventure

78 day ago

  At some point in time, we were all beginners in many things and this includes adventures such as camping. During your first camping activity, you may have made a mistake or two. But remember, camping doesn’t have to be a complicated or challenging.   If your little one is Read more...

Clean and Organized Home

Keeping your Home Organized All-Year Round

85 day ago

  The idea of sorting out your belongings that have accumulated during the previous year can be overwhelming and exhausting. Most people don’t see any fun in de-cluttering and organizing their home since these can be daunting tasks. Going through every cabinet and drawer, finding out which ones should be Read more...

Gaming Controller

How Video Games can be Beneficial for your Child

91 day ago

  Like most parents, you are definitely aware of the reasons why children should not play video games. A lot of parents usually focus on the potential dangers than the benefits of playing video games.  However, research suggests that children should play video games since these also have benefits. This Read more...

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Starting the Year Right with your Little Ones

98 day ago

  Now that the parties and celebrations are over, we’re back to our normal lives. People usually get bored once the holidays are over since it’s time to go back to school and work.. Fortunately, you can keep the excitement going by starting the year right. Plan something fun for Read more...

Weighing Scale

Preventing Weight Gain During and After the Holidays

106 day ago

he holidays come really quickly once November begins; it starts with Thanksgiving, followed by Christmas and New Year. During these times of the year, there are many temptations. Along with these, you can also encounter holiday stress and the cold weather can make you feel lazier. Regardless of the disagreement Read more...

Happy New Year from Whistlecopter!

New Year’s Eve Party Activities

113 day ago

Can you believe that the year is about to come to the end once again? Time flies really fast and 2019 is just around the corner. It’s time for partying and for everyone to welcome new beginnings. On New Year ’s Eve, people either attend or host a party. If you Read more...

Merry Christmas to All!

Fun Christmas Party Activities

119 day ago

Christmas is a season of joy. We enjoy the celebration, the lights, the presents, and the chance to gather with our families and friends. However, it can also be stressful since pressure comes with the season. This is why it’s best to have things planned as early as possible especially Read more...

Girl Fixing Hair

Helping Children with Self-Care Routines

127 day ago

  Self-care skills are everyday tasks that we do so that we may be ready to face bigger things throughout the day. These include eating, dressing, cleaning up, and grooming one’s self. These tasks are usually referred to as ADL’s activities of daily life. Although children are supported by adults Read more...

Boy Sucking his Fingers

Breaking Children’s Bad Habits

133 day ago

  Do your little ones bite their nails, suck their thumbs, bang their heads on things, or pull their hair often? Children that usually have these habits and behaviour can be annoying. When parents try to change these unwanted habits, they take the wrong approach which is why nothing seems Read more...

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