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Bubble Gun Nemo Light Up LED, Even Flow High Performance Batteries $6.99

  • $6.99

Product Description

Fill the air with hundreds of small bubbles; with this NEMO clown fish .Disney movie was a smash hit so all children know this bubble gun! Two bottles of bubbles for each gun included. High Performance Batteries included. Even Flow so the flow of bubbles does not stop as most other bubbles do!. There are 4 led lights in this transparent bubble gun; one is in the mouth of the fish so bubbles come out blue! There is no better Bubble Gun on the market! This bubble gun is medium size not the smallest size as you see for this price. Lightweight, brightly colored bubble gun has a translucent body and a cute clown fish design and FREE FEDEX SHIPPING .


Features 4 led lights, Even Flow Bubbles, High Performance Batteries that will last a compact, and an easy-to-grip handle. Put the included bottle of bubble solution in the gun, and pull the trigger for hundreds of bubbles · For ages 3 and up; encourages active play and develops hand-eye coordination

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