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Fidget Spinner Toy

LED Fidget Spinners are the latest in stress reducing toys that put out an amazing light show and entertain for hours! Each hand spinner can spin for over 200 rotations on a single spin with the embedded metal ball bearings. Each of the three axis’s have red, blue, and green LEDs inside.

When turned on using a push button switch you can set the lights to illuminate. The Fidget Spinners are sold in assortment of colors: green, blue, yellow, orange, black, white, red, and pink. CR1632 Lithium batteries are included but non-replaceable.

fidget spinner $4


Help your kids, friends, and families quit bad habits and stay focused! We have the brightest Light hand spinners on the market. Choose our model with 9 led light which is the brightest hand spinner and when turned on using a push button switch you can set the lights to illuminate in one of three different modes: fast strobing, color morphing, and quick blink, by pressing the switch multiple times.  Or choose our Fidget Spinner with 3 led lights with 1 setting both are incredible. Call now for wholesale Prices 305-785-4048

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